3 simple tips for you to choose the processor of your gamer pc

The process until deciding to assemble or buy a PC gamer is quite long, and a lot of things have to be considered, after all, it is not so simple to have a machine that runs any game without much research and study.

The first thing to do is choose between PC or console. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but let’s devote this subject to another article.

What you need to know is that consoles will give you practicality, while dedicated gaming computers will have more freedom and better performance with superior graphics. And the tips we will give here are for those who have already decided to set up their gaming machine.

The main component of a computer is the processor. It defines all the rest of the components you can use, what resources and technologies you have available, and, thinking about it, Nuuvem, the largest PC, MAC and LINUX game sales platform in Latin America, has selected 9 tips to build a machine that runs any game.

Learn to differentiate Technical Specifications from PC-Mind
From the most humble and economical to the most powerful and heated, all processors have a series of parameters and values that, when well analyzed, allow consumers to make the choice of the perfect processing unit for their needs. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to understand what each thing means.

Due to the difficulty of understanding by non-users, as well as the existence of a handful of architectures, features, parameters and their values, which confuse even the experts, both Intel and AMD have decided to segment the processor market into three classes distinct, but well-defined, with the objective of attending to different market segments and maximizing profits.

Clock (or Frequency)

The frequency is expressed in GigaHertz (GHz), it means the number of operations that the processor does in one second. 3GHz: 3 billion operations per second. Obviously, it affects the speed of operation of the processor.

Intel has specific overclocking models, which in turn are also more expensive than simpler models. Generally the brand models have the letter K at the end of their reference to indicate that they are unlocked, such as the Core i5- 4690K.

More modern processors already come with Turbo Boost technology, which causes a considerable increase in the frequency of their processors when needed, but without causing overheating.

AMD processors generally operate at higher frequencies and are unlocked for overclocking , but that still does not indicate that they are the best, everything should be taken into consideration.

Cache Memory

The L2 / L3 cache memory acts as a bridge between the processor and the files stored on your PC , and aims to accelerate the processing of the data most commonly used by the processor. It can increase productivity and decrease both processor consumption and temperature.

That is, the larger the cache memory, the better.


To complete, we must pay attention to the socket of your motherboard, which must be the same as the processor you bought. It is the interface of the two components, and not every processor fits on any board.

Because of this, pay close attention to this item if you already have a motherboard and are thinking about changing the processor. If you still have the card, first choose the processor, then go behind a card for it.

Sockets are classified according to their manufacturers (AMD or Intel).

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