A Simple Method to Obtain Healthy and Splendid Skin

Both women and men can use certain vegetable oils and other natural oils to keep the skin young, healthy and beautiful. Pure virgin olive oil of good quality is one of these. Another oil that can be recommended is argan oil. Another useful natural substance for the purpose is squalane. This is a hydrocarbon naturally produced in the human body, the body of marine animals and in certain plants.

A Simple Method to Obtain Healthy and Splendid Skin

You can use pure olive oil and argan oil, or a blending of these directly upon the skin. Squalane is already a component of these oils. You can add extra squalane to the blending to enhance the effect, but this substance can give irritations if it is used in pure form regularly.

Olive oil of good quality can easily be obtained in any supermarket or alimentary store. Argan oil or squalane may be obtained in drug stores, certain general warehouses or by purchase through the internet.

These oils will reduce inflammation and stimulate healing of all types of skin injuries. They also counteract injuries from excessive sun exposure. They probably do not screen out ultraviolet rays in the sun in the same way as lotions and creams with sunscreen. They should not be used instead of sunscreen by lengthy sun exposure.

There are many ways of utilizing these oils for the benefit of the skin health and beauty. Here is a practical procedure that is fine to use a couple of times each week:

  • First, take a warm shower and wash all your body with a mild soap.
  • Flush away all the soap.
  • Then dry all your body with a clean towel and wait some minutes to you are completely dry.
  • Then smear the oil of choice onto all of your body and in your face. Use so much that you feel there is an excess of oil all over you.
  • Then wait some minutes. During this time you can massage yourself with your hands or let another person do the message to work the oil well into your skin.
  • Then take a new warm shower but without soap this time. Now, most of the excess oil will run off during the shower.
  • Lastly, dry all your body with a new clean dry towel. The towel will absorb the remains of excessive oil.

After this procedure, your skin will be saturated with oil, but not excessively. The skin will feel smooth, look shiny and feel comfortable after the procedure.

A man can use the procedure after having shaved. If you have a strong hair growth on your body, the procedure works best if you shave your body skin first during the first shower.

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