Best Beard and Mustache Trimmer You Must Have in 2019

These days groomed men look to dominate life. Unlike in the last few years, when grooming men still a bit difficult to find. And the opposite happens now when you can find groomed men easily. For example, when you go to the train station, you might find 50 out 100 mins walking in a different room. They styled their groom nicely to escalate appeal.

Most men said the groom makes ‘em look more gentle, stylish, and wise. Even when you are at a young age, for example, 23, but if you form your groom nicely suit your face, you’ll absolutely look handsome. And no lies, women will start flirt, stare at you, or maybe look something attractive to catch your intention? Who knows? It’s real! Confess your agreement in the comment section after I finished talking groom and all the stuff you need to form it.

On the market, you’ll find a ton of stuff to form beard and moustache. It’s called trimmer or clipper. You like using trimmer or clipper to ease you forming the beard or moustache. The stuff will let you save time, buck, and energy.

Before making a purchase on trimmer or clipper, you need to know the best beard and moustache trimmer you must have in 2019. Because day by day, many products have offered and you might no idea what to choose. In this occasion, I already prep you info about best beard and moustache trimmer that might handy to you. Check the review on each product briefly.

1. Modern Hair Clipper Kit – Body, Ultra-sleek Hair, Mustache, and Rechargeable Beard Trimmer – TRYM II

You as a professional might know this brand already. TRYM II is one of the best beard and moustache trimmers on the market recently. It designed accidentally for people who loves travel and long journey. Of course, when you are on a trip, you reluctant to go to the barbershop to cut your beard or moustache. That’s why after go back from vacation, you might look a bit messy. To get you out from this problem, we recommend you to bring TRYM II next to you during travel.

After using the best beard and moustache trimmer by TRYM II, you’ll amaze because the results are smooth and close. It also no take longer, because you can make it as fast as you can. The blade built-in is amazing. The blade is one piece that supports you to get the best result ever. The design itself is dumbfounded. Came up in black colour make the trimmer look modern, classy, and a bit pricey but it totally not causes the price tag will not ruin your buck. I promise you.

On Amazon, you can buy this trimmer by TRYM II by spending $29.99. With less than $30, you can rapidly get this trimmer and use it in your daily life to maintain appeal. Amazon also lets you get free shipping, it means you don’t need to spend more buck for shipping charge. From 4,861 customer reviews, best beard and moustache trimmer got 3.8 stars out of 5 stars.

Product specs:

•    Made of special compound metal blades will not make injured you

•    Came up in 4 diff attachments. you can change it properly to the hair type (thick or gauzy)

•    Washable

•    The voltage: 110 V

•    Came up in kit, including trimmer, charger, AC adapter, oil, and a cleaning brush

•    Get 1-year warranty

2. BT 5090 Precision Beard Trimmer, 1.8 Pound – by Braun

The next best beard and moustache trimmer is BT 5090 by Braun. As you can see, the design a bit different if you compare to TRYM II. Absolutely yes because of the brand was also different. But the function and how it works incredibly almost the same.

BT 5090 by Braun came up with a click and lock trimming combs. To set it up, just adjust 1 of 25 precise settings, and trimming will be ease. It’s also washable, if the trimmer dirt already, put them below the tap and clean every single part in it carefully. This trimmer is by Braun a bit pricey than TRIM II. You need to spend $88.29 and get free shipping on Amazon. Though its a bit pricey, but the quality and performance will not let you down. It’s worth in the end!

Product specs:

•    Came up with a click and lock trimming combs will make it easy to do the trim. Also built-in 25 precise settings

•    Easy to clean

•    The handle grip suitable for all hand types

•    Easy to use

•    Slide and style systems are available. You can use both of them while trimming

•    Runtime for 40 minutes after 1-hour recharge

•    The result will 4 times more precision than the other trimmer product

The inspiration came from an interview I read on gay blogs. The conclusion is the best beard and moustache trimmer you must have in 2019 goes to TRYM II and Braun. From the specs built-in in each product, which one you think is the best to have in 2019? Answer the question by drop your comment in the comment section.