Braun Beard Trimmer Worthy Price Tag Will Not Squeeze Pocket Money

How to style a beard? This question has been asking many times, especially by adult men. Have a beard nowadays feel like something special. Beside increase appeal, beard also can make someone looks gentle and full of wisdom. That’s become the main reason why people prone to take care their beard. Or if they have none, they try to growth the beard to increases appeal, gentle, and wisdom.

Many products from many brands have been uttering recently. The famous brand such as Panasonic, Remington, TRYM, and Braun brand trimmer, of course, prevalent to you. These brands have offered costumer greatest performance and accommodate durability.

As a personal groomer, of course, you need the best beard trimmer to maintain appeal and beard. One brand that we recommend you is Braun beard trimmer. What Braun beard trimmer offers you will make you astound since the product by Braun made up almost the same. But the designed maybe a bit different one to another. Before comparing Braun beard trimmer to another brand, and then what benefits you will get from Braun:

•    Almost Braun trimmer offers two precision combs

•    The comb also versability, one to style beard and the other to trim your beard

•    Braun combs designed stronger while the other designed regularly. The comb allows you to get the precision result as you want

•    Have sharp blades that last for a long period of time

•    Give a powerful performance, and the battery life stands for 50 minutes after a full recharge. Also possible to get quick trim after 5 minutes charging

•    Its came up cordless and corded

•    Beautiful and sturdy hand grips will light you while trimming

•    Also fully washable. When it gets dirty, you ease to clean it

•    Could adapt with any voltage between 100 V – 240 V

•    Styled maximum to fulfil customer needs, also hand flexibility and efficiency

From those points, you may already know how powerful and beneficial Braun beard trimmer is. Now it’s time to pick up one for you. We recommend these models down below, pay attention is necessary.

1. BT5070 Beard Trimmer for Men, Rechargeable – by Braun

Braun beard trimmer in BT 5070 is incredible. Known as the cheaper trimmer on the market unmake Braun product build in cheap quality. If you need to upgrade a trimmer from a lower grade, you must consider picking Braun BT 5070. The product has a good life and it’s waterproof. It means you can trim in both situations, wet and dry. No need to be scare to trim under the water, it will not get rust at all.

The product came up in black colour with modern, classy, and gentle looks. It also has 25 length settings to customise the different length as you want. Get your best look with this customise settings will be possible. The product is also waterproof and able to running water. The blade built-in will help you to get precision and closeness result.

On Amazon, Braun BT 5070 price tag for about $42.81 after discount. the normal price tag around $65. Don’t need waiting and comparing to much product, because this brand will fulfil all your needs in a single product only.

Product specs:

•    It has 2 detachable trimming combs. It means changing one comb to another easily depend on needs

•    Fully charged and the battery lasts for 50 minutes in cordless trimming after 1-hour recharge

•    The battery used powerful Ni-MH

•    Washable

•    Ultra sharp blades to get efficient and effective results

•    The precision comb for 1 – 10 with 0.5 mm steps, and the long beard comb for 10 – 20 mm with 2 mm steps

2. BT 5090 Precision Beard Trimmer, 1.8 Pound – by Braun

The next beard trimmer from Braun is BT 5090. This model well-known by men since it has a great performance. You as a buyer can use this Braun BT 5090 cordless and corded. When it’s running, the battery can last for 40 minutes after 1 hour of fully charging. Though you in a rash and the trimmer run out of battery, you still can use this Braun trimmer for one quick trim by 5 minutes charging first. It’s also lightweight with a comfy handle grip.

If you want this Braun trimmer next to you, spend for $88.29 and get free shipping only on Amazon. From 66 customer reviews on Amazon, the product got 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. if you want to write down a review, make sure you make a purchase first.

Product specs:

•    Built up 4x more precision instead of the other product

•    25 precise settings allow the customer to get the precise result

•    Lock and Click trimming to support the 25 precise settings

•    The results are reliable, closeness, and smooth

•    Fully washable

•    Waterproof means able under running water

If you are on a budget, your choice goes toBT5070 Beard Trimmer for Men, Cordless & Rechargeable by Braun. And the opposite also applicable. Well, when it talks about picking up the best beard trimmer, Braun beard trimmer is the solution. Further, it came up in worthy price tag without squeeze buck.