Features and Performance of CHI Pro Hair Dryer

With the wide temperature, very lightweight, very long cord and useful accessories make this CHI pro hair dryer can work well for all of hair types, however, some people said that it’s not as good as for the thicker hair. The CHI pro hair dryer is the quality blow dryer that had been produced from Velcro. This professional hair dryer is made to strengthen hair and reducing the freeze hair as well. It provides you with 2 attachments which make you easy to dry and style your hair than other products. You should know that this CHI pro hair dryer did a well performance among several testers with relatively low noise level and completed with balanced design as well. The weight only comes in 17.4 ounces and makes it as one of the lightest hair dryers as well.

The sound level about 91dB, so it might not the quietest hair dryer, of course, it is not the loudest as well. The CHI pro hair dryer had been supported by DC motor that weight less than average AC motor, however, it typically does not last longer. It only has 1500 watt power and lower airflow than other quality of blow dryers, so it’s a good solution for curly and fine hair, as mentioned before that this is not that good for thick hair. It comes in ceramic hair dryer, this means that it uses the infrared hair to smooth dry hair, however, it does not protect your hair as much as you can get in tourmaline heating technologies. Even you can read many reviews of CHI pro hair dryer in many sources that also provide you with other important information.


This CHI pro hair dryer has 2 speed options, however, it might not as high as other product but this is not the lowest product. It might take average time and do not provide you with flash time dry hair. As mentioned before that CHI pro hair dryer has very long cord in 11 feet long, this is can be one of the longest cord that you can meet. This is means that the CHI pro hair dryer provides you with wider range of movement when drying your hair. Velcro also provide you with strip attached to the power cord, so you can save the cord when you are not using it and wrap it for traveling as well.