lg ultrawide monitor

Different variety of recommended LG ultrawide monitor

lg ultrawide monitorLG with its newest product in the form of ultrawide monitor has been one of the most targeted by many people. Up to now, through 3 pieces of monitors directly thrown into the market this year has been trusted will continue to be much hunted by people if compared with other manufacturers. The good news is LG ultrawide monitor that we previously mentioned will have some of the best performance and features that will be explained in the later paragraph.

Variety of LG Ultra wide monitor

  1. LG 38UC99

With a 38 inch screen and curved shape and aspect ratio of ultrawide 21: 9 seems to be able to really satisfy all its users. You will also find the resolution up to 3280 x 1600 pixels which also makes this series the highest among the other series. not only that, this one series also has provided 99% span of color of sRGB standard and additional 10 watt speakers that also can also be connected via Bluetooth.

  1. LG 34UC79G

This series has a 34 inch ultrawide screen which also supports AMD’s free sync which is a technology for synchronizing displays with smooth frame rates when you play the game. Other than that, you can also enjoy an extremely detailed visual colors that can make the picture to be much more appealing and very realistic. This is truly a very good monitor especially, if you want to combine it with a high end pc for more serious gaming.

  1. LG UM79G

With the same size as the previous series, this one series is designed specifically for multimedia needs either watching movies or playing games. You can also stream live on this monitor because Google Cast is already in it. With this built in feature in mind, we can assume that gamers can have better experience and easier time to manage their play when using this amazing and high performance ultra-wide monitor from LG.

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