Divorce can happen to your marriage. Here are tips to avoid it!

Marriage is a sacred promise. Rukhiyat Auditiar However, there are also some people decided to break the sacred promise by divorce. Yes, divorce is a decision that can separate a husband and wife from the sacred promise they say. Of course, Rukhiyat Auditiar when married, no one thinks and even wants to experience the name of divorce. However, divorce can happen to everybody’s marriage. Rukhiyat Auditiar However, we can still avoid it. By doing some things that can strengthen our marriage. And also do the following tips.

Rukhiyat Auditiar

Love and love
Love and love is the greatest key to maintaining marital harmony. Love your partner with a devotion, and love your partner with loving acts. Never get bored or embarrassed to spoil your partner, praise him all the time, and say the words of love as often as possible. If you and your partner can maintain a loving relationship together, rest assured, your marriage will always be burning and of course in the future everything will go well.

Respect your spouse
In marriage there will always be a difference. There is no perfect partner, which can be free from conflict in marriage. For that you should never seek perfection in your marriage. You and your partner always have their own advantages and disadvantages. Do not just praise your partner’s strengths, but praise her weaknesses too. The trick is to respect it. However your spouse has a deficiency or a different perspective from you, always try to respect it. It is this honor that will foster love in your marriage both times each day.

Remember the past together
The beautiful past is the most precious moment in the future. If you and your partner are in trouble, or are arguing, try to relive your past with him, who is full of joy and accompanied by laughter. Remembering the past can always be an antidote to today’s sadness. Do this with your partner as often as possible, for example by opening photo albums from courtship to marriage, going to special places that have a history of love for you both, and so forth. By doing this, you and your partner can be reminded, that the journey of your love is not only accompanied by trials or sickness, but also accompanied by a lot of love

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Avoid conflicts over money
Money is always the most important thing in a marriage. But money can also be a disaster. Yes, money is a very sensitive thing to discuss. Money can sometimes always trigger an argument. Although money is important to family welfare, do not let money blind your love. Many couples are divorced because of money. For that, do your best to avoid the conflict of money, but keep your family’s needs wisely.

Differences do not mean divorce
Many married people make the excuse that, “we parted because there was no more common ground”. Differences will always exist in a marriage. This is an absolute thing, if people think after marriage, living together with a loved one can make life beautiful, it is wrong. Because of the reality, even if you and your spouse have love, that difference will remain you. All you have to do when those differences continue to appear is to be in the chest, and accept the situation. With note, back in the second point above is, mutual respect.

Marriage is not always a beautiful path, marriage is a process that will determine whether the process is over beautiful or otherwise. For that you should never get tired through every process and do not forget to do the ways above for your marriage is always happy.

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