Free Clipart Downloads

Free Clipart Downloads from the ClipartPen for Stylish Cover Design with Writing On

Designing things, like book cover or such would need you to use good choice of picture and writing, right? Book cover is not just a cover for the pages within. It should tell you what the book is all about after all. This applies to any cover, actually. If you want choices to use or get inspired from, stop by the ClipartPen and you can get free clipart downloads to pick for any purpose. Now, let’s see below.

Free Clipart Downloads

Clipart with Text in Front of or Behind Figure

Book cover does not have to be so crowded looking, you know? Modern cover design is simpler yet still stylish regardless of that. One example you can find in the ClipartPen shows the clipart with the picture of figure in plain background. The writing text can be designed over or behind the figure with clear font style and contrasting font color too.

Clipart with Text Over A Real Pic of Something

Free clipart downloads in ClipartPen also have the kind that uses real photos of something, mostly showing scenery but can be more specific with shoes shot from above, bag shot from your side, more than that, you can find many on the site, you are free to create creative to find what you want.. This requires quite skill in photography to make it look high quality. Big font for the middle text would look nice with small text above and below.

Clipart with Calligraphy Around Painted Decoration

Clipart for book cover does not have to be one with photo of figure, thing, or even scenery. You can go with imaginative decoration along the edge of the paper. One with the look of flowers and leaves painted with brush would look nice to frame the text in the middle with calligraphy font style. Such kind of free clipart downloads makes pretty cover.

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