Masks to straighten hair naturally

No doubt the dream of many women is to have a smooth and silky hair, such as the models in advertisements, catwalks, and magazines. However, the procedures used to date do great harm to the scalp, because of the burn. Meet in the following article which are the best masks to straighten hair naturally and be able to say goodbye to flat irons or chemical.


Masks to straighten hair

In order to have a smooth hair, fulfilled, bright and strong, feel free to use the following recipes masks, leave aside the treatments known so far and forget genetics.


Coconut mask to smooth the hair: This homemade cream for smoother hair requires a few easy ingredients to achieve in any market. You will need half a fresh coconut, a teaspoon of ground oats, a tablespoon of starch and half a cup of milk. Place all ingredients (except starch) in a processor and sift. Dilute the starch in a little water, light the fire and boil, add the other ingredients before mixing. Keep stirring until smooth. Apply the hair from the tips to the roots and cover with foil or plastic bag (maybe even a towel). Leave to act for 25-30 minutes and then wash your hair as usual.

Olive olive mask to smooth hair: Undoubtedly, the olive oil is an ally in beauty (as well as in gastronomy). To make this recipe you will need 30 grams of this oil a jasmine oil capsule (or an essential oil spoon) and 30 grams of conditioner without ammonia or neutral and natural preference. Mix these three ingredients until it forms a very smooth. Apply on the hair then rinse with shampoo and conditioner before, let act 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Comb normally without using the hair dryer.

Mask of honey and fruits to smooth hair: Honey is a natural product that has dozens of properties, providing moisturizing and protection from the elements (sun, cold, wind) or chemical and thermal (chlorine, flat iron, hair dye ). The fruits are antioxidants par excellence, offer a good dose of vitamins and minerals, nourish hair, prevent dryness and as a consequence, leave aside the so hated “frizz”. To make this recipe you will need five tablespoons of pure honey bee, one banana and a half and two oranges. Peel and chop the bananas; get the juice from the oranges and add everything in a blender, beat until smooth. Wash your hair and dry, then put this mask in its entire length. Let act for an hour and wash again with shampoo and conditioner usual.


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