Over already! 5 Ways to Stay Benefit Through a Divorce

Divorce is never easy. So many relationships are changing that goes beyond the relationship of the divorced couple itself. The child’s relationship with the parents changes, the relationship of the brotherhood can become tense, and even the siblings can be confused about their relationship with other families when the divorce occurs. But there are ways to keep the break out of marriage so that the relationship can remain polite between you and the person who will then become your ex-spouse.

1. H-O-R-M-A-T
People make decisions based on emotions or feelings, even when sharing goni gini property. Like a patient who demands a doctor, it is an action that instantly touches the other side of him as a doctor. People do not sue doctors they like. People do not sue doctors who take care of them well, and take care of them humanely, treat us not as patients who are judged by numbers, lists of illnesses, or valued in dollars. So how well you and your spouse can keep in touch well as long as the damage to your household depends on how respectful and friendly you are. Treat them as you would like to be treated, and most likely you will get a reciprocal of what you do.

2. Focus on equality
Do not get caught up in the desire to punish your ex-spouse for mistakes that occurred before or during the wedding-or later. Be fair and ordinary, even when they act unreasonably to you, or to your family.

3. Let it go
Joy, pain, let it all go. If the couple treats you wrong, know that the best revenge is to live well. So keep going and have the best life possible. When you are happy you are healthy, what negative things they bring to the negotiating table will not bother you even the slightest.

4. Plan it
Plan ahead of time
Anticipate complex problems, delays, sabotages, dishonesty and unproductive decisions, even threats. Make a plan to address these issues and when these problems arise.

And plan for the prize
Make plans to make the whole divorce process easy, and fun. Focus on your family as closely and comfortably as possible. Arrange holidays or trips out of town, parties and even social activities with family. Refocus everyone’s attention on something positive.


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5. The best
Make your decision based on what interests you most. Make something that will please your children or other family members. If you have children with your spouse, never involve them in a fight. And do what will make them most happy and healthy.

If you share in caring for pets, keep sharing the time of care as much as possible. If not, allow pets to live in full with anyone who can love and care for the animal well, not necessarily living with who wants the animal most or is willing to buy the animal.

Be courteous with your partner during the term of divorce can make it impossible for one party to constantly attack your character and what you love as his sole desire to punish you or gain his own benefit. But it takes effort from both sides. You can not control how others respond. But you can always decide to keep control of your actions and attitudes. If your ex-partner gives you a problem that can not be solved to you, you do not need to take it. Treat him in ways you can be proud of, ways your children will be proud of you. After all you are instilling an example to your children.

My dear friends’ parents divorced more than 20 years ago and they have remained good friends for years. And underwent another marriage. All the half-sisters are in good touch and several times get together together during the holidays and birthdays of their grandchildren. They still respect each other, and put their love for the family above their differences. From the outside, a person will not know they are still married or have divorced without someone else telling.

A polite divorce is possible when the two camps are determined to keep their new family dynamic, happy and healthy.

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