Plastic Surgery Trends Among Students in Korea

Plastic surgery clinics in Korea is always filled with young girls who want to perform plastic surgery after finishing College Scholastic Ability Test. College Scholastic Ability Test, exams to college scholastic ability (CSAT) in Korea, plays a very important role in the life of a student in Korea. College Scholastic Ability Test was even described as an opportunity that can make or break a person’s future. Many students in Korea celebrate the end of this exam and more handsome way to beautify herself. kylie jenner before plastic surgery

In general, they want to improve the shape of the eyes and nose. Because the eyes and nose plastic surgery is considered the simplest and most effective economical way to change one’s appearance.

Sesederhananya plastic surgery procedures eyes and nose, it is still possible to obtain satisfactory results, or even worse than before the surgery. Here is the advice of the Director of Plastic Surgery Wonjin Seoul Korea , physicians Park Wonjin to get plastic surgery results that satisfy the eyes and nose.

A thorough inspection before plastic surgery eye

The eyes are the body parts most widely operated by the students of College Scholastic Ability Test exam. Especially the double eyelid surgery to create a crease line of the eye. This is due to the many Asian women have thick eyelids. In addition they want to look like a Korean celebrity who has a great eye and exciting.

Not only the double eyelid surgery alone, late epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, ptosis correction and love the band under the eyes also has become a trend among the students.

But it does not mean it’s under enormous eyes always suitable for you. If after the operation, the magnitude of the right and left eyes are not balanced then the appearance will look somewhat awkward. Moreover, there are many cases where you can not restore back the results of operations that failed. Therefore, you should be careful in performing plastic surgery.

” Basically, there is a method without incisions and plastic surgery methods of incision in the eye, and then subdivided into partial incision method, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, etc. “, said the doctor Park Wonjin. ” The operation should be done by considering a detailed and thorough examination before the operation “, he added.

Finding a suitable nose shape through virtual plastic surgery

Plastic surgery nose or commonly known as rhinoplasty is surgery that can give a big change in one’s appearance but also one of the most plastic surgery require revision because it is difficult to obtain satisfactory results. Especially for younger students, prior to having plastic surgery of the nose, correction of facial contours, or other plastic surgery involving bone, need to be checked again whether the growth process has ended or not. Besides the physical condition of the student examinees College Scholastic Ability Test is also noteworthy.

The next method of plastic surgery is also noteworthy. In general, plastic surgery nose in the eyes of the laity involves inserting an implant to make sharp nose. In fact, there are various types of implants depends on the shape of the nose, such as silicone, siliteks, surgiform, cartilage itself, etc.

To determine the shape of the nose that is suitable for you, it’s good to try plastic surgery virtual . Plastic surgery Wonjin Seoul Korea using 2D scanner and CAD to predict whether the method of operation is suitable or not for each individual.

In addition, plastic surgery nose also needs to consider the functional aspects of the nose. Verify if the clinic where you are going to do plastic surgery is also working with ENT clinic or not.

” Most high school students who have completed the College Scholastic Ability Test wanted to perform plastic surgery without finding out more deeply and to trust only low prices and attractive advertising “, said Dr. Park Wonjin. ” It is important to know the physical condition of yourself and then consult with a specialist to choose the most appropriate plastic surgery with him “, he added.

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