Prevent divorce by remembering and doing these 7 things

When a person decides to seriously enter into a marriage relationship, then he should be ready with the consequences of going through the rest of his life with one person alone, his partner. Rukhiyat Auditiar Unfortunately, love alone is not enough to be a provision for harmony and sustainability of a marriage. Rukhiyat Auditiar There will always be potential problems ahead of him. That’s why every marriage is vulnerable to disputes that lead to a divorce. Rukhiyat Auditiar Always remember the following seven things to prevent divorce and always strengthen the warmth of your marriage.

Rukhiyat Auditiar

1. Compact
It’s not easy to always agree with others who have a different background to your character. But do not make the difference as a reason to be not compact in wading the ark of the household. Remember to always work hard in maintaining cohesiveness throughout your marriage to keep harmony awake.

2. Maintain intimacy
Always intimate with the people you care about is not something easy. Although saturation strikes, do not make excuses to always intimate to your partner. Keeping sex warm in marriage is one of the most important keys to a relationship. If you and your partner begin to feel saturated and not excited, look for solutions or interesting ideas that can make your relationship both stay intimate and warm. Do not let one of you even seek pleasure outside.

3. Become the best listener and giver of feedback for the couple
Do not be a selfish person who just wants to be heard. Husband and wife should be able to complement each other in terms of communication. A balanced two-way communication will complement your happiness.

4. Responsible for his role in the household
The husband plays the role of the household head who is obliged to earn a living and protect the family. So even the wife knows her role to be a wise housewife in taking care of the family. By knowing their respective roles and mutual respect for the role, then your marriage will be more solid and prosperous.

5. Make a good relationship with your partner’s family
Many marriages end in divorce, due to the conflict that occurs with family members of the couple. Keep good relationships with all family members of the couple. Remember that when you marry a partner, you agree to accept him and his family as part of your life.


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6. Always remember that children need a complete family
The impact of divorce is a child. Children will feel the loss of affection from divorced parents and they will also learn to doubt the sanctity of a later institution of marriage. Therefore, never hurt your heart and wipe out your child’s happiness with divorce.

7. Learn to forgive and forget
It is not easy to forgive and forget the mistakes others have made against us. Moreover, if the person is a couple you trust and care about. Many marriage relationships end up divorce simply because of the difficulty of forgiving or forgetting their partner’s mistakes. Remember the things that made you ever fall in love with him, and tolerate his mistakes. Remember, every sacrifice you make must be the result. There is no harm in sacrificing ego by forgiving.

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