Classic Taper Haircut 2018

The Versatility of Classic Taper Haircut

If there is such a thing as the perfect men’s hairstyle, the classic taper haircut must be it. This elegant hairstyle boasts the right balance of both versatility and sophistication. It can be edgy, yet professional looking at the same time. Stylish, yet never too wild. This balance is exactly the reason why men always go for the haircut whenever their mane calls for a haircut.

Classic Taper Haircut 2018

Unlike women who can easily style their hair according to the occasion, men must be clever in choosing a hairstyle for every occasion. Not a lot of hairstyles have such versatility, but the same cannot be said for the tapers. It is fashionable enough for a night out with the boys, and it is well-rounded enough to be worn to the office in the morning after. Interested in this cut? Read on to find out what to tell your barber to achieve the taper haircut dapper look.

While it is largely depending on the contrast and emphasis you would like to add to your hair, the classic tapers essentially consist of a shorter hair around the sides of the head which can easily be achieved by using clippers. With both sides buzzed down, the top part of the hair is understandably longer than the rest. This length is maintained throughout the hair in order to provide you with flexibility. This flexibility is what gives you freedom in styling, making it one of the most versatile haircut.

There are a large number of taper cut models out there, but the rule of thumb when it comes to this haircut is that the short section of the hair is made progressively longer the more it is nearing to the top. The taper is then made shorter and as it gets closer down to the neckline, it gradually fades. Not sure about the taper? Don’t worry, you can have classic taper haircut with the taper done in the transition area in the middle!

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