Various Kinds of Plastic Surgery

There are many types of plastic surgery but the type of plastic surgery most interesting is below. Plastic surgery is synonymous with efforts to enhance the appearance of the body and face. Actually, a lot of plastic surgery procedures that is unique and works to improve the appearance of the body. This procedure is not common and not known to many people. As the following five types of plastic surgery.

Various Kinds of Plastic Surgery

Voice Lift 

You probably already used to hearing method of face lift or eye lift in plastic surgery. As the two types of plastic surgery, voice lift is a surgical method to improve the sound by eliminating a hoarse voice. This procedure is usually done for the singers.

But now ordinary people also began many are interested in doing so to have a beautiful voice. In some cases, the implant vocal cords are also inserted through an incision in the neck. Doctors also injecting fat or collagen into the vocal cords to make it more round and flexible and produce a sound that sounded younger.

Toe Tuck 

‘s hard to get right at the foot stiletto? Toe tuck surgery might be a solution. In this procedure a little part of the big toe cut off, causing the effect of the smaller legs and gorgeous. This operation is touted as the type of knee surgery hurts the most. But many women do in order to perform optimally when using high heel shoes.

Ear Pointing 

This procedure can be said to be the most bizarre. Ie slightly above the ear piece to be cut, then sewn edges. As a result, the upper earlobe look more

Tongue Patch

If your diet does not work, may be trying to tongue patch. This surgical procedure is an alternative way to lose weight and can only be done by a handful of surgeons in the United States. That is, with a little numbing the tongue by sewing a piece of plastic, postage stamp-sized thin rough texture on the tongue. As a result, the patient will feel uncomfortable and do not want to eat solid foods, as well as a liquid diet for 30 days.

Knee Lift

Popular lift knee procedure after Demi Moore is rumored to do so. The goal is to make the skin around the knee still tight. The way to eliminate sagging skin above the knee kneecap. Slack skin around the knee weve will occur with age or when the weight dropped drastically. The side-effect is the possibility of scarring and long healing time because the skin is cut at the joints active.

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