Intel i-5 Processor

What we should know about Intel i-5 Processor

Intel i-5 ProcessorIntel i-5 processors is a value series of intel i7 that will work in the latest intel socket is lga-1156, its presence would be very much anticipated by many people because the price offered has a considerable difference compared to intel i7, you can get Intel i -5 with just less than usd 200 only. then what about the performance of Intel i-5? Does it have good performance considering the price that is quite affordable this?

Inter I-5 capabilities and performance

The answer for that question is that inter has developer the I-5 processor to be as good as any other I series processors. It looks like intel has really designed for intel i5 to be the right choice for consumers who can not bear intel i7 due to the price of even some of the requirement that maybe prove to be hard to handle, this can be seen from the implanted northbridge chipset on core processor supported with dual channel ddr3, this means that power consumption on your desktop can down to 95 watts only.

Not only that, Intel i-5 has a p55 chipset also supports triple graphic cards with 1 x 16 pci-e slot and 2 x 8 pci-e slot, meanwhile Intel i-5 also has the same 8 mb cache as in intel i7. Intel also offers Intel i-5 mobile version that is intended for notebooks, this can be ascertained if the power required is very small that is about 45 to 55 watts. In addition to the desktop version only, the Intel i-5 mobile version is also equipped with a turbo boost technology for better performance. With this in mind, it is very safe to conclude that i-5 processor is really worth the money. It can still compete with the latest processor despite is generation and performance.

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