Where XBOX mets Nhl 2k18

Where Wii Meets Nhl 2k10
For hockey fans, the NHL 2K10 version for Nintendo Wii has most hearts racing. With Nintendo Wii making so many improvements to their system and adding the new Wii Motion Plus feature, it has many Wii fans ecstatic over the duo being combined. And while many video gamers like the idea of just sitting and doing nothing while they play games, others love the thrill of being in the game, using their arms, wrists and hands to control what is happening on screen. fortnite free v bucks generator

Nintendo Wii has been doing well this past year. With a huge line up of interactive and fun minded games to include the whole family. A slew of games from preschool types to sports and right to M for mature rated games, with NHL 2K10 fitting in perfectly. This game can be played solo, with friends or even with the whole family as it can engage skills from mild to advance.

Using this game on the Nintendo Wii console gives players the opportunity to feel like they are a part of the game. The player will ultimately move based on how well you swing your arm or play. The Wii Motion Plus is fairly accurate and it will allow players to poke-check sweep the stick, fire a snap shot or wind up for a huge slap shot across the ice. This motion feature will have you so tired that your arm might possibly hurt the next day!

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NHL 2K10 fans won`t be disappointed if they want to use this game to play with friends online. Using Wii Speak, players can simply go online and interact with the friends they want to play with. You can talk back and forth with them as you play the game, throwing positive words around or negative comments if you wish. With a multi-player feature, you can really get into the spirit of hockey without having to leave your living room, as you send your friend`s shots and steal the puck away from another peer.

There is a mild lag at times with the controllers and the console. However the lag is fairly minimal and doesn`t distract too much from the game play itself. Sometimes taking a swing might have you miss the puck when you know that you had it, so it just adds some frustration to the game at times, which can go hand in hand with hockey regardless.

The graphics are decent but not as high tech as in its sister consoles; the Xbox 360 or the PS3. If you don`t have too close of a look, the graphics will not get in the way of the game, however if you really have a good look at the people in the audience, you will notice that not too much effort was put on keeping everything real looking. The audio as well is okay but not as rich sounding as it is in other systems.

This game will have you either playing solo, or playing with friends, you can try out the NHL season, playing in the finals at the Stanley cup, franchise type play, or shooting your luck at a game of pond hockey or on the mini rink. With so many nice options to choose from, this game will never get boring. It is definitely worth a try, it will have you up and playing hockey almost like you`re doing the real thing.

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